Norman Lebrecht

Norman Lebrecht is a British commentator on music and cultural affairs, a novelist, and the author of the classical music blog Slipped Disc. He was a columnist for The Daily Telegraph from 1994 to 2002, and assistant editor of the London Evening Standard from 2002 to 2009.

I was completely absorbed by this opera as a sound production — maybe one day I’ll get to see the whole show

The Larghetto’s organic optimism transcends present woes and looks to bright eternity

Bernard Haitink, who died last month, was a conducting master

Taken together, it’s not the kind of music you want to hear in isolation

When asked “which Hindemith should I try first?”, I’m lost for an answer

Intelligent and well played though it is, Franziska Lee’s album of Londonoid piano pieces can’t make a bad sonata better

This debut album is a treat for the senses and a tonic for tired tastes

If Yuja Wang were to strip everything right down to the music, she could be a sensation

His concerto is a rag-and-bone man’s barrow trundling down a Haussmann boulevard

The atmosphere is so thick you’d need a charcuterie knife to cut it